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...with Dantech® our company has now 100% security that all services are valid

Dantech® Partner

The Dantech® system motivates your customers to be in control of their current maintenance and at the same time not see it as a necessary evil. As the name implies, it is a question of partnership.


At the same time a partnership also means close cooperation with producers world-wide, - cooperation that will give both partners and producers added value.

We meet in order to see if cooperation will bring us the expected Win-Win situation.


The objective is that together we can satisfy a still more demanding market and optimize our earnings together. The objective is to help you as a service partner to expand your business, in the same way as it is our target to help the producer to uphold his warranty and the end user to minimize his shutdowns. This is e.g. done via updated certificates that are always available through our web-based system


Contact us to receive your log-in so that you may have a test run in the system.




See our invitation for cooperation link to invitation for cooperation.


See examples of how your documentation could look like:

Service certificates

Master data

Service survey

Spare part survey


Supplier test certificate