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...with Dantech® our company has now 100% security that all services are valid

Dantech® Pro+

Is a Dantech® module that is offered to customers who want to carry out maintenance with their own staff.


Dantech® pro+ is a supplement for customers who want to carry out some service tasks with their own staff especially in more quiet periods.

Training in E-learning and design of certificates to be used for the service checks will be offered for free.


Dantech® pro+ is often established in close cooperation with a service partner who independently carries out a series of service tasks for the customer. The customer carries out other service tasks but together all the service tasks are carried out.

Thus it is possible for the customer to meets all requirements and at the same time gain flexibility and achieve savings in cooperation with his Dantech® partner.



See examples of certificates as a Dantech® pro+ customer:

Service certificates

Master data

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