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...with Dantech® our company has now 100% security that all services are valid

DL Group

The DL Group A/S with its HQ at Aabenraa, Denmark, is the owner of the brand Dantech®. Under the Dantech® brand we offer:


One stop shopping

The idea of one stop shopping is that our partners’ customers only need one supplier for all their service checks. Only completely original checks are carried out based on the supplier’s directives for our service partners.

All documentation from the Dantech® service partners is done on certificates developed for the producer, which ensures that the end user and the service partner uphold the warranty obligation from the producer.


Web based handling of documents

Dantech® simplifies and guarantees the quality of the process concerning current maintenance for all branches. The system handles all types of services and ensures that deadlines are met towards authorities, producers and customers.


Articles of commerce

Our wide range of high quality products to our service partners offers a unique possibility to offer articles of commerce that are related to the service activities our service partners carry out for the end user.

Thus we give our service partners the possibility that the end customer will have a real experience of "one stop shopping"




We also offer a complete web shop ready for use with the service partner’s own logo, credit card system, photos and hosting, so that the end user will have the experience of "one stop shopping"



DL Group History.


Rugkobbel - Denmark